The glorious, stirring, edifying tale of the battle of Moore of Moore-hall with the Dragon of Wantley is told in a comic ballad and a later burlesque opera.

In them, the hero Moore of Moore-hall dresses in the time-honored bespoke spiky suit of armor until he looks like “Some Egyptian Porcupig”. He then defeats the dragon in mortal combat by kicking it in its weak spot, which, as can be clearly seen in the illustration by John June…

thou prickouch yes copy


Lampe, J. F. (1770) The Dragon of Wantley, A Burlesque Opera. Lowndes, Caslon, Nicoll, and Bladon, London.

Everyone loves a good monster for Halloween. How about the cute duck leech or nose leech, Theromyzon? Lookit the little eyes!


And here is one being a good parent~


But, of course, the real reason Theromyzon is being featured is because of its favorite place to hang out, which is, well, duck noses.


And that’s probably the tamest pic, you can find more gruesome stuff yourself.

Which brings me to one of my favorite expressions, one in French, which is tirer les vers du nez (“pulling the worms from the nose”). It means “drawing out information through questioning”, but why it is what it is is… well, no idea.

Nose leeches. I want one. :3