Man-Eating Boulder

There was once a widow working in the fields of the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, India. She gave her two sons bananas to eat and let them run off and play by themselves while she plowed the fields. The two boys were climbing over some rocks when the younger son found that his foot was stuck. His older brother tried to pull him out, but instead found that his brother was sinking deeper and deeper into the rock.

He called to his mother for help. “Come quickly, my brother’s feet have been swallowed by a boulder!” But his mother didn’t believe him. Thinking that he and his brother were playing a game, she ignored his cries and continued plowing. By the time she checked on her children, the younger brother had been completely swallowed up by the man-eating boulder, and only the outstretched hand of the older brother – still clutching a banana – was visible sticking out of the rock.

All the men of the village brought their hammers and tried to free the children, but every time they struck the boulder, it grew bigger. Finally, fearing that they too would be swallowed up, they abandoned the children to their fate.


Bhairav, J. F. and Khanna, R. (2020) Ghosts, Monsters, and Demons of India. Blaft Publications, Chennai.


  1. There could be an entire category dedicated to animate boulders. Off the top of my head there are at least two kinds of yōkai from Japan, sesshō seki and yonaki ishi, that Anaye Tsé’Nagahi is pretty much a boulder … wasn’t there a Bès spirit as well? Living rocks. Make for great pets …

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  2. aww its adorable. actually in my dream i was one of these escept in had snow on it and as usual when i turn into things in my dreams my mom didnt seem to notice and my sister told me to mess with people. i didnt knw such a thing existed, much less that i would have a dream with a similar creature before seeing this. which is probably why i too an immediate liking to this thing

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