The Arassas hails from the folklore of Lagrand in the Hautes-Alpes region of France. It is a greyish-colored animal with the head of a cat and the body of a lizard. It lives in ruined houses and old crumbling walls. Its gaze kills immediately.

Like other European mountain dragons, it is likely derived from superstitions about otters and martens.


van Gennep, A. (1948) Le folklore des Hautes-Alpes, Tome II. J. P. Maisonneuve et Cie, Paris.


  1. Have you heard of El Cuero, a water monster from Argentina and Chile? It has flat body, looking like discarded cow-skin from above and if you foolishly go into water and try to grab it, it will show hooked spikes under its body and stabs you, sucking out all of you body fluits or entrails.

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    • The eyes are an incredibly expressive part of the body. So much so that some call them the “windows into the soul”. It only makes sense that a set of organs used to convey intense emotional energy can also project other intense things like negative influence. The ubiquitous belief in the Evil Eye (a curse that the envious lay upon those they look upon) is even explicitly stated to be tied into extreme emotions like envy. Keeping this in mind, it doesn’t take much imagination to jump to the next level from beings able to curse you with a look to beings able to kill you with a look. The Gorgoneion (a symbol of the severed head of a Gorgon like Medusa) was actually used by the Ancient Greeks to protect themselves from negative spirits. Similarly, other beings (divine and semi-divine) in numerous cultures are shown with big eyes staring at the viewer to defend against negative spirits and influences. What can harm can also heal

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