Variations: Iditxu, Iritxu


Ieltxu is a Basque creature found in the caverns and wells of Gernika. Notable haunts include a pit in Nabarrizmendi and the Busturia well.

Ieltxu appears either as a human or as a bird shooting flames from its mouth. At night only its burning fire is seen. While its appearances are sudden and terrifying, an ieltxu is not evil, merely mischievous. It enjoys leading people astray and getting them lost, especially if they can get lost near a cliff.

Around Bermeo it is Iditxu or Iritxu who appears as a small pig. It leads people on a merry chase through the night only to return them to where they started, exhausted and empty-handed.


Altuna, J.; Fornoff, F. H., White, L., and Evans-Corrales, C. trans. (2007) Selected Writings of Jose Miguel de Barandiaran: Basque Prehistory and Ethnography. Center for Basque Studies, Reno.


  1. Spirits just love using lights to get people lost. It must be the oldest trick in the book right next to disguising yourself like a gorgeous young woman who is just oh so alone out in the wilderness where no sane woman would ever be found because you’re totally not some kind of monster that preys on dudes hoping that helping a damsel in distress will lead them to getting lucky

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  2. So I found (and got) this book called “Bestiariusz słowiański” (Slavic Bestiary) by Witold Vargas and Pawel Zych. It’s pretty solid and feature a bunch of cool mythical creatures. The only downgrade would be the fact that the information isn’t the highlight, since the book seems to focus more on the author’s art. Also, I don’t know which parts are embellished or not; I even think some of the creatures are synonyms to each other. Still, a pretty good introductory piece, if you ask me, you should check it out.

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  3. Hey guys. Sorry if my comments were kinda rude with my answer to tetradactyl’s comment. When I was kid, I once almost walked off the cliff when I was daydreaming & this kinda reminded me of that day. Plus It was morning and i was still kinda tired at that point.. For comment abowe, I was at fisr writing some angry rant but then just tonet it dow & in the end reducet to a simple ok, thinking plan A would just sour things up.

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