The Ichisonga is a pachyderm-slayer from the folklore of the Lambas of Zambia, usually found in the Kafue River. It is a herbivorous water beast that resembles a rhinoceros and has a horn on its forehead.

Although a grass-eater, the ichisonga has a special hatred for the hippopotamus. If an ichisonga hears a hippo, it leaves the Kafue River, traveling along the bank so the hippo does not scent it. Then it re-enters the water, goes for the largest bull hippo, and stabs it to death with its horn.

If an elephant is killed nearby, the ichisonga will roar and drive the hunters away from the carcass. It then stays near the elephant’s remains for days until the carcass rots. The ichisonga is motivated by uŵulwishya – jealousy.


Doke, C. M. (1931) The Lambas of Northern Rhodesia. George G. Harrap and Company Ltd., London.


  1. Some of these monsters are so well conceived by the locals, one can’t help wondering if they are real. At the very least the Ichisonga sounds like a recently extinct species that the Lamba people’s oral traditions have retained the memory of. Your Dixon-esque illustration of it brings me to the conclusion that a crime has been committed by reality that this creature isn’t alive.


  2. Considering how it is similar to Emela-Ntouka, would it be safe to say that Emela Ntouka is a misinterpretation of this creature? A monster story meant to only be a story and then taken literally and cherrypicked by cryptozoologists and creationists alike?

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