Suppose I were to hypothetically perhaps maybe return to updating ABC. Would that be a good thing? Trying to gauge interest here.


  1. I started following when I was a kid and ABC’s inspired me artistically since maybe middle school? It helped me connect with my own culture and I was just thinking a week ago about how it helped me find my style growing up. It’d be so cool if you did reboot it, but whether you come back or not, a lot of people are overjoyed knowing you’re okay, because you’ve made a lot of people very happy 🙂

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  2. I’d always like to see more, if you have the time and spoons. It’s definitely something I like to nose through while thinking about my own bestiaries for things. And I keep a copy of your image of the Qasogonaga sitting on my computer because whatever sort of day I’m having, seeing it when I open up my work directories will improve it a little bit 🙂

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  3. I would gratefully enjoy every single morsel from your table of monstrosities. Your artwork always envisions the impossible in such a stunning manner! Besides, you have introduced me to so much great ethnographical literature.

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  4. I am an author and this site is a fantastic resource for me. Even if I never use what I find, it keeps me interested in my craft. Plus just the information alone is awesome! Please continue if you can. If not, thank you for what you have done.

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