The End of ABC?

I’ve been putting off writing this for a long time, but in the end I had to do it to give you – the reader – some kind of closure. Some kind of explanation, really.

I don’t think I can continue ABC any longer – at least, not as long as things continue to be as they are.

Why? Several reasons.

I think I made it clear at some point that, to my eternal shame, I am Lebanese. Which is one of the worst nationalities to curse your child with. Right now we are running out of fuel, electricity, medicine, education, food, and water. The country is in a death spiral, and every time we think it can’t possibly get worse, it gets worse. I cannot continue to write and draw as long as I live here.

The other reason is that ABC is going nowhere. I think I also made it clear that I hoped to publish ABC in some form. Unfortunately as the years dragged on it became obvious that that wasn’t happening either. My attempts to contact publishers failed. My attempts to contact agents failed. My attempts to contact at least one artist resulted in blatant ghosting. There’s no reason for any author or artist to collaborate with me since everything is already online – all they have to do is use my references without citing me and do their own thing, without having to burden themselves with me.

“Just do patreon or self-publish or something!” I can’t. Most crowdfunding sources don’t work here. I can’t accept any money in this country because the banks will steal it. And if I manage to escape the country, as long as I retain my garbage nationality, I won’t be able to make money outside of what the strict visa rules will allow. So that’s not happening either.

I was fine doing ABC as a hobby. But now it’s impossible to enjoy doing it anymore when I feel that both it and me have no future, and I can no longer continue doing something that I feel is completely hopeless. How long have I been doing this? Feels like forever, and yet it doesn’t feel like my audience has grown at all, like anyone cares.

So the hiatus will go on… indefinitely, I guess. Unless a miracle happens and my life improves enough that I don’t mind doing this for nothing anymore.

Until then, I’m sorry. And I hope you enjoyed this project while I was at it.


  1. I hope you find peace and love in your life and I wish you the best. I think I discovered this website/newsletter on Reddit from a comment on a worldbuilding subreddit and they said A Book of Creatures was amazing for an expansive representation of monsters/creatures. I’m writing this huge high fantasy series and a lot of the creatures I found here on your website will be involved in this fiction (with some obvious differences because some of the creatures are overpowered hahah) and I must say I jump on my email in the United States, after a notification, late in the evening, looking forward to your newsletter. This is my first comment but I’m a long time follower. I’m so sorry you have all these grievances, but people do care, and you absolutely deserve compensation. I hope you will have some luck when an opportunity comes your way.

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    • Thank you for the amazing ride ride you gave us. I cant speak for the others – even thoug i think i can – but your work was one of the most precious gems on the internet and truly, truly brighted my days. I always loved monsters and magical creatures, and you present us with hundreds of then, the majority that i’ve never ever heard before and probably woudnt for the rest of my life.
      I know the world seems bleak, I know nothing seems to matter and that we have no future. I feel the same. I am braziliam and my country is witnessing our democracy crumble while our people die because of the pandemy. Your work meant the world to me because transported me to a simpler time, a happier one. But, your well being is more important than your work. We’ve been seem you strugling for a long time with your work and mental health. You deserve better, even if it means we have to part ways.
      Even with we dont know witchother, accept my gratitude for this amazing journey and all the knowledge you provided us out of kindness. You are an amazing creator and your work is expetacular. I hope you find peace and things change for the better.
      Thank you.

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  2. I just want to say thank you so much, I’ve been following your blog since 2016, and your research has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me doing more research on mythical creatures myself. Currently working on a worldbuilding project that I want to hopefully make my own big thing, and I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten the drive and inspiration for it if I hadn’t discovered ABC.

    I’m terribly sorry for what you’re going through. All I can say is that I wish you luck. No denying that it’s a grim-looking situation but there’s always a chance you’ll get that miracle.

    Thank you again for everything, it was a wild ride and I’ll never forget this place.

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  3. I think that’s the first time I post a comment on website but I really wanted to tell you that I’m REALLY sorry to here all of that. I knew some things that were happening in Lebanon but I’m trully sorry for you again. I also wanted to tell you that your work is amazing, I discover it lately but I try to send you a message (I think the email does not work :/) because it’s a real gold mine of informations and documentation.
    I would love to be able to help you do something with it but I am no-one so it’s just a message from a passionate reader that wanted to tell thank you for your amazing work.

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  4. Very sorry to read this – ABC has brightened up my feed hugely as long as I’ve been reading it, and I’ve learned about an awful lot that I’d never have known about otherwise on these pages. The difficulties of life are huge, and I’m sorry they’ve made publication impossible.

    I wish I could offer more help or thoughts, but all I really have is massive thanks for the wonderful thing you’ve created here, and all my best wishes for things and life to improve for you, whether or not you ever delve into the world of bestiary writing again in future.

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  5. I am a writer and have used your information to jump start at least one book idea. And several others have spawned from the research I did based on something you presented.

    Should you ever wish to publish or continue, please let me know. I know an artist who likes drawing weird stuff. He can take your drawings and either fine tune them or simply re-do in other formats/sizes.

    I also have a good webhost and would gladly host this site. I can set it up so only you have access. Anything you need, let me know. Myself and others would try our hardest to help out.


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  6. Us mythical folklore creature appreciators are very few and far between, a very niche area, but for six years you have been a fountain of knowledge to us all! You’ve covered so many beasts from all over the world, even a beast that lives in a small Welsh church that’s just down the road from me, I would have never known about it if it wasn’t for you! I check your website almost every day and read all the fantastic stuff!
    I’m so sorry about the situation your in!
    Thank you for all the hard work and magic it’s been wonderful⭐✨👹👻🌜

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  7. I love your work. I’ve been following it for quite a while and I always read it as soon as I get the e-mail. What you’ve done here is wonderful. I hope you’ll find a way to keep doing it, but I hope much more that you find peace and joy in your life. Take care of yourself and stay well. Lots of love from Brazil.

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  8. Thank you for sharing the cryptids and beasts around the globe. Thank you especially for sharing your time, your knowledge and your art. I am so happy I found your page! I love your attention to detail and respect for all cultures.

    Sending you love and well wishes from the Netherlands, I sincerely hope the situation in Lebanon will get better or that you are able to move. About the financial help part, maybe crypto is an option?

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  9. Thank you so much for the many years of creatures, beasts, and wonders that you have posted here. Honestly you and the work that you have posted here has been one of my main sources of inspiration for everything I have done.

    While it is sad that you are leaving it here I am grateful for all the knowledge you have bestowed upon us and I sincerely hope things get better for you. Thank you for 6 years of fantastical creatures and I wish you well for the future.
    Sincerely Cassius

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  10. Been a fan since 2018, you’ve been a massive inspiration for all these years. I want to give you a big thank you!! for the work and research you’ve done, I wish I could do something to help you with your situation. I am deeply sorry for what’s happening to you and your country. I’ll never forget about ABC, I hope you’re able to continue it in the future even if it’s a miracle.

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  11. I’ve been a fan since 2016 and I’m really sorry to read that. I wish you best luck, OP, and sincerely hope that things will brighten up a bit for you in a near future. Don’t hesitate to post again if you feel like it, be it next years or in 5 years. Please just know that you and your work were really appreciated here. Thanks a lot.

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  12. I just started following your blog last year because I wanted to know more about strange amazing creatures all around the world. I loved the pictures and the description for each of them, they looked and sounded real to me then! I didn’t know you were planning to make this into a book, but I did wish for it once, because it would nice to have them all in paper.
    I wish everything turns better for you.
    I loved your work and I hope that you had would resume this when life is brighter.
    Thank you!

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  13. I’m sorry things have turned out so badly for you. Just know that someday that things can be better for you, dropping a passionate project/idea is never easy. But sometimes it can be the right thing to do and hopefully it helps you figure out things. I discovered your site recently and its brought great joy and inspiration into my own projects. Thank you.
    I’m not sure on the total situation in Lebanon but I can do some reading on it. If its of any interest to you, I am a young artist and currently work as a storyboard artist, i have a considerably sized platform. I know some good people and perhaps if there is anyway for me or others to help you I’d love if you contacted me. Even if its so much as getting your website and situation out there for more help. You may not be able to receive anything personally but I believe that there may be ways for others to at least know about the situation taking place in Lebanon with the world now.
    If you do not wish to contact then I completely understand. Being vocal about your troubles and asking for help can be difficult. But please know my offer will always stand and I can do my best to help you and/or find others who can. Even if its after your situation ever gets better, and your trying to get back on your feet.

    Either way. Best of luck to you. Take time to yourself, keep your head high and someday soon things can change for the better. And just remember what everyone here has told you. You’re stronger than any of these creatures! You can do this!

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  14. Farewell and many thanks for all the drawings, you’ve really helped spark my interest in myth and anthropology subjects as a whole, and always gave me something to look forward to on mondays and fridays. Best of luck with your life and whatever it may bring!

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  15. Your work is gorgeous. All your illustrations are incredible and the research that goes into each entry is even more so. I only wish that I discovered your blog sooner and that I told you how much I have appreciated it over this past year.

    Should you ever need a friend to talk to, I will gladly listen. Please feel free to contact me at if you want to.

    Thank you for this beautifully monstrous site.

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  16. Thank you for all of these wonderful monsters! I have a deep love of mythology and monsters and your art has sparked my imagination as a sci-fi/fantasy writer. Before COVID-19, I would routinely read this site and drink coffee at my university’s library, which was one of my favorite pastimes.
    You put so much love into your work that it’s only appropriate that you receive as much love as you gave. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and everyone on this amazing, fantastical site! I hope you and your family know how awesome you are. Stay monstrous!

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  17. This is sad news indeed, however I hope life improves for you; and I wish you good fortune and happiness moving forward with your life.

    However this won’t stop me from checking in now and then in hopes of seeing something new should the inspiration and drive strike you.

    Wishing you all the best.

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  18. I felt so sad for you :(, I think you are burnt out and tired, I feel for you, I hope you’re doing well. Love from a fan from Indonesia, I hope you feel better, you should go outside, travel the world, if that’s possible. Covid and everything doesn’t help I know, but we’re in it together, and Indonesia is doing pretty ugly up until there’s a miracle thank god we’re doing slightly better now, but still, 1000 death per day. I hope you’re doing better and please update your condition too.

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  19. I ran into your website when looking for slavic folklores someday in last year, and right away I decided to create a WordPress account to follow your blog. Sad that farewell came so quickly…
    It’s really amazing to read about some lesser-known folklore creatures! Keeping the blog running must’ve been hard, even without everything happening around the world and your country. Wishing you all the best, in a hope that we may still get to see you return someday in the future.

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  20. Ah, I wish I had seen this post sooner. I’m an avid fan of mythology and came across ABC a while back. I read some of the entries and thought that it was amazing of you to document so many obscure, to me at least, creatures that deserve to also have features in fiction. So I decided check back here every now and then so I can binge through all the new entries- it really was fun~. I’m sorry I can’t do anything more than leaving this comment but for what it’s worth, thanks so much for putting the effort you did into ABC and I genuinely wish you the absolute best. I’ll keep swinging by to continue reading through some of the older entries I haven’t read- if you ever come out of hiatus, maybe I’ll comment more ahahaha. Ah, I’m really bad at ending comments and stuff once I get into it…

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  21. You have always been an incredible writer. I’ve been following this blog and checking on it almost every single day because of how wonderful it is. As a folklore and mythology nut, I have to say that this blog is a godsend, and I hope that you will be blessed and continue to be able to do what you love. I’ll be praying that that’s the case.
    I deeply love this blog, and I want you to know that whether you keep it going or not, you’ve made my YEAR during the pandemic. Please please please stay safe and healthy!

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  22. Hi, I didn’t follow the last few months of the blog for personal reasons, and it bothered me very much to read this message. I know that putting aside a project like this is horrible, and I don’t know much about the situation there in Lebanon, only that it’s bad.

    If you are actually considering moving to another country, in Brazil we have a huge population of Lebanese descendants which is even greater than the number of Lebanese in Lebanon (including my aunt is of Lebanese descent who came to Brazil in the 60’s approx.), so despite all the cultural differences in general, we have enough to maybe make you feel at home.

    Anyway, strength and success!

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  23. Sir, Ma’am, or Good Enby,
    So often it is that the brightest of lights come from the darkest of shadows. You have been one such light for me and for uncountable others. Know this, that you are never alone, that you are never forgotten, and that you are never far from my heart and those of all others who have found you over the years.
    Forever and always,
    a passing stranger

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  24. Thank you for writing, drawing and educating about these wonderful creatures. If not for the creation of this blog my artwork wouldn’t have become what it is today. I want to thank you for the making something truly marvelous. I hope the situation will improve for you, your family and your country. You are truly talented and I admire your work!

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