As I prepare to once again move ABC into a new “season” (so to speak), I once again leave this space open for suggestions. What would you like to see sooner rather than later? What creatures are you dying to hear about?


  1. hi long-time viewer here who’s never bothered to comment
    i’d like to see some more bes because those are funny, maybe a couple more yokai, and definitely more lesser-known creatures from places like southeast asia, south america, the arctic circle, etc

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  2. I know a nice handful of creatures. I love your website as it supports my creative works based on monsters, famous or local.

    Have you ever done the Engineer Rat (Toonage Rat)? A Tizie-Whizie from Bowness Bay, UK? Fresno Nightwalkers, Nguruvilu, Ozark Howler, Chaw-green, Coonigator, Zburator (or Zmeu),Valravn, Rubberado, Roperite, Snawfus, Enfield, and many others?

    I’ve got lots! I guess you COULD say I am a big fan of yours as I’m a huge enthusiast in monsters and mythologies. ^V^

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  3. Pretty please can we see the sæneyti, urdarköttur, fjörulalli, Ladon, Nidhogg, crocotta, ichenumon/hydrus, adaro, knucker, Scylla & Charybdis, piasa, cetus, tikoloshe, nuckelavee, coquecigrue, knucker, hulpalim, jumart, gulon, tikbalang, sea hog, hodag, ahuizotl, lampalugua, tupilaq, sedja, skunk ape (if what I’ve read about it originating in Native American folklore is correct), Typhon, Echidna, leocampus/merlion, thanacth, succarath, boobrie, bunyip, umibozu, ushi-oni, Native American water panther, taniwha, nanabolele, dobhar-chu, inkanyamba, ninki nanka, gbahali, Zmey Gorynych & peluda? I’d also really like more Wednesday book reviews & other interludes (I can send you a PDF of Mythical Creatures by Linda S. Godfrey), but I understand if you don’t have energy for that.

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  4. I think it would be really neat if you we’re to do some of Lovecraft’s creations from the Cthulhu mythos and such and more Russian things like the Indrik, yelbeghen, or goldhorn/zlatorog, maybe even some creatures from Central Asia too. Also, I don’t know if this would count, though, but the Bulette/land shark would be cool. Anyway, I enjoy your work and this site very much and just wanted to say thanks.

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  5. I am quite a folklore and fantasy geek, and I would love to see something classic, but biologically and anatomically possible. I did this once with a Peryton and gave it bat-like front limbs, horizontal pupils, big ears, and a manner of taking off from the ground like a pterosaur, I’t very fun. redo some old ones, but with some new art.

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  6. Would love to see some creatures from Central Asia, Polynesia, and more from SEA (in addition to the Ja Het monsters which I can never get enough of). It could also be fun to see some supposed alien encounters and the like mixed in. Excited to see whatever critters you dig up!

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    • Oh, also! I know in general you stay away from really well trodden ground, but I would love to see you do an entry on the Golem of Prague. I am just tired of seeing that word used as like a generic term any time a fantasy setting needs a robot, and so it would be nice to see your treatment of the “real” version. 🙂

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  7. Maybe some Slavic? There are some (Polewik, Gorynycz, Leszy, Bies, Licho, Południca skarbnik and many, many others.
    Interesting would be to read about the apocryfic creatures (like higher-leveled angels).
    Also almost every creature from Heroes of Might and Magic III is taken from many mitologies (mostly Grreek, but there are others) so these game and it’s sequels could be a mine of concepts for You.
    Very good job You do on these website. Respect!

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  8. I would like to see small mini-series, each with a few major creatures from one of the less known mythologies.

    If you ask, anyone is able to list some well known greek (Centaurs, Satyrs, Cyclops etc) or norse (Trolls, Giants, Dwarves etc) mythical creatures, but what about less known mythologies like yoruba, maori, turkish, arabian, philippine, inuit, inca, basque, zulu, etruscan, hawaiian etc?

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