The ABCs of ABC – L

L is for… Lomie

Found in the forests of Bohemia, the ill-defined Lomie has a bladder full of boiling hot water under its neck. It blasts and scalds assailants before making its escape.


  1. I think the beauty of some of the more ill-
    defined creatures is that their lack of definition makes them particularly ethereal. People today like to imagine deities or spirits or monsters as being like superheroes with special powers that can be compared in “Who would win in a fight?” scenarios but really that’s not the case with the vast majority of the Otherworld’s denizens. The Lomie doesn’t need to have a concrete form because it’s just the embodiment of a bizarre phenomenon. The creature’s very domain is not easily categorized. It’s easy to imagine to someone out in the woods feeling like they just got hit with something and then going “What was that?!” It’s that particular strangeness that people sense a numinous presence in


      • If you’re into that, yeah. It’s cetainly fun to let your imagination fill in the blanks. Though the truth of the matter is that there is no “true form” for these kinds of creatures. These kinds of monsters are just there to pop in on some unsuspecting schmuck, do their mischief, and then pop right out as fast as they came in. They’re that voice you swore you heard say something just around the corner or that shadow that you saw in your peripheral. They’re the little reminders that you’ve strayed too far from home and that you are now on somebody else’s turf and are subject to rules much different than the ones that humans know.


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