A Book of Creatures

Our imagination has always been our greatest ally, and our worst enemy. In the face of the unknown, we populated it with creatures of all shapes and sizes, from minuscule spirits to gigantic cosmic monsters. These entities have shared our world ever since we earned the capacity to wonder.

Their stories are told here.


WARNING: May contain sex, violence, and divine retribution.


  1. Happened upon this site while doing research of my own, and I must say, it is a true delight. Great illustrations and text, and a wonderful selection of creatures that stay off the typical beaten path.

    Keep the entries coming, and I’ll continue to check in faithfully (even through the downtime due to life getting in the way and all that jazz). Great, great stuff! A real inspiration. 🙂

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  2. Ok this might be dumb but I’m still not 100% sure. Are these actual cultural creatures, from legends and folklore? Or are they just your own creations derived from your imagination/books? I’ve never heard of any of these (but obviously I can’t know everything). Anyway, fascinating site. Glad I stumbled upon it.


  3. love this website! however, there’s a huge difference between Romani culture and Romanian culture. Romani are travelers that left India sometime around 500 BCE (if i remember correctly). Romanians are, obviously, from Romania.


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