The End of ABC?

On indefinite hiatus due to personal and national issues.

Will I come back to this? Who knows? I will post updates if and when they happen.


  1. Maybe here’s a request for the next update after a break:
    El Chupacabra
    Freseno Nightcrawler
    Jersey Devil
    Loveland Frogman
    Flatwoods Monster
    Loch Ness Monster
    Mangolian Death Worm
    Dark Watchers
    Dover Demon
    Grafton Monster
    Black Eye Children
    The Michigan Dogman
    Canvey Island Monster
    Kasai Rex
    50 Foot Snake

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  2. If you continue this projct, maybe go for the mimic dog. It is a creature described by european travelers. It was said to live in egypt and had the face of a hedgehog and the body of an ape. It is said to have been able to mimic anything and was used as servents. Sounds like it may be an exaggerated baboon, who were used by the egyptians as dogs of sorts. Fits well with your “not well known mythical creatures that are likely exaggerated real animals” trend. I got this from Carol Rose’s book(not the baboon theory, I thought of that, though I am probably not the first). You don’t have to return and I am not forcing you to, I am just giving you a suggestion if you wish to return. Love the art btw.

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