ABC will resume updating Mondays and Fridays starting next week! Of course, if there are any specific requests, feel free to suggest them (and I will or will not get to them ASAP).


  1. HiCould you please do the Warwel Dragon of Poland?All the best Richard ____________________________________________ Richard Freeman, (Zoological Director, Centre for Fortean Zoology) 15 Polsoe Rd Exeter EX12HL Telephone:  07954634919 e-mail: websites:                                        yahoogroup:

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  2. Hope things are going well. For what I would love to see is more non-Indo-European Eurasia folklore, more specifically anything from the Uralics, the Turkics, the Caucasians, the Basques or any of the smaller language families from Siberia.

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  3. What about doing Lou Drapé, also known as the Drac du Trou de Viviès. It’s a child-snatcher, ghostly horse from around Narbonne in the South of France, Occitanie. It also happens to be from my back yard, I just got hold of a book on local folklore. Ironically, it mentions quite prominently that there are typically quite few fantastical beasts around these parts, it’s more of an assortment between witches, revenants, ghosts and devils (and a couple of elf-like beings). My theory is that the locals just ate them all. Alternatively there’s the Aatxe (this is entirely from memory, so it may be mispelt ; I drew this a long time ago, a burning bull from the Spanish Pyrenees) …

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      • I can gladly send you a scan of its entry in the book! But you may find tracing the myth to its original source a little tricky. At least earlier than the late 19th century. The bibliography is messy to say the least, and references various old encyclopedias of folklore which probably haven’t even by digitised. I did however manage to drag up an old issue of some kind of folklore magazine, mid 20th (it’s a ”nasty horse edition”, which curiously quite talks a bit about hobby horses and other manufactured horse-like puppets and the like). Both reference a letter by Félix Pradel about some bandits in 1892 describing the beast, but that’s as far back as it goes from what I could find. As for other Dracs, Drapés, or similar demon horses, you may find even better examples from fairly nearby, there seem to be bucketloads of ’em!

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