Holiday Hiatus

Nope, no update today or for a while. I’m taking a break for the holidays. It’s been a miserable month at the end of a miserable year trapped in the most wretched country on Earth with no hope of escape, but I’m proud of having made it this far. Sorta.

I will notify you in January as to when operations will continue, if at all. Until then, stay monstrous.


  1. You can be more than sorta proud, you legit deserve a medal man. Besides, I mean it’s 2020, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned Father Christmas died of COVID-19 mid-flight and crashed into a choir of orphans. Give yourself a well earned break and a good pat on the back, you deserve it. And feel free to pardon any failures you may or may not have encountered in 2020, I’m pretty sure we can all agree on the fact that everyone gets to blame theirs on this shitstorm of a year anyway! ;D

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  2. Don’t be so sure; I’m sure there are quite a few places in the world that consider themselves more wretched than you. 😉

    Please keep yourself whole and healthy, in mind and body both. Do whatever it takes to get through this year and the next. And for all of us, keep doing what you do. As C3PO says in Star Wars, You wouldn’t want my life to become boring, would you? 🙂

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