Well, things haven’t gotten any better. And they are getting unquestionably worse. But I think I’m starting to get my numbed brain into some kind of routine that should keep me going, somehow.

So let’s tentatively set next Monday (October 19, week from this Monday) for a return to regular entries and I will do all I can do stick to that, alright?

Stay monstrous my friends.


  1. Sounds good my friend! I don’t know whether telling you this is gonna bring you much, but I’ve also been slowly sinking these past few months, years really, watching my productivity to procrastination ratio shrink by the day … once I was even able to follow along to your posts, but now I’m so far behind I’m still stuck at drawing my iteration of an Akampeshimpeshi! I just wanted to let you know that you succeeding in rebooting yourself after such a hard time is giving me the strength to as well. I’m finishing that goat crocodile as I speak and I’m looking forward to attacking next Monday with renewed motivation and drawing every single creature you post! Seriously man, I don’t know whether you realise this but to many of us you’re not just providing us with wonder and inspiration, you’re giving us hope that we can manage too … so cheers, looking forward to next Monday! ;D

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  2. I’m right there with you! Dealing with a wife who contracted COVID from teaching (she’s doing well), 2 kids at home schooling and 2 weeks of quarantine. It’s tough to stay creative, but we need to remember that in times like these, the gift creative people like yourself can share helps everyone who comes across it. Come back when you’re ready, we’ll all be better for it.

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