As I prepare to once again move ABC into a new “season” (so to speak), I once again leave this space open for suggestions. What would you like to see sooner rather than later? What creatures are you dying to hear about?


  1. something cute and easy to make into a cute animal thing like some I know you have that I already draw sometimes like kadindi and fallfelen and physeter and row and songo and bregdi. I really like bregdi and physeter. I like those that look easy enough to draw and also if they are cute. And just unique from the others enough that I can tell a difference. Like if it is a fish it should still be unique enough that it doesnt look like a regular fish.

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  2. You know what I would love it if you did? Can you do an entry on the Kafre / Kapre of the Philippines? Sometimes I hear it’s an anthropomorphic boar but then other times it isn’t. Are these two different creatures? Different types of the same creature? Or does one stem from sources external to the actual folklore?

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  3. I’d like to see the “shadhavar” (carnivorous unicorn which has a musical horn), the orochii (Japanese giant hydra), more yokai (Japanese spirits, such as the kappa,, tengu, mamahage, nekomota, etc) and the jorumgandr (world serpent). Other than that, I really love what your doing with the book of creatures!

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  4. I know its kinda late, all the time I was thinking about putting a comment in here but I didnt have time. Its my first time to comment anything in here, surely not first time being in here. I really love what u do and I cant wait till u start adding new creatures to ur webbook. But I will be honest, I think u shouldnt focus too much on creatures like quetzalcoatl, apep, calydonian boar etc. Its not easy to open internet and read about them anywhere. What I really appreciate about ur book is that u put creatures here that im not able to find anywhere on the internet (i know u base on uncommon books, not internet). And thats the real point why i appreciate ur work so much. Please, put more of such creatures in here, creatures that will be something people can find only in your book, but not on wikipedia.

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  5. Hope you’re doing well, dude.
    Djieien – A giant spider of Seneca Indian folklore. I had a really weird dream about this guy last night, or at least, about his neighbors.
    Red Copper – A… I dunno, sharp-armed monster in Yuchi Indian mythology. He’s probably made of or covered in the stuff he’s named after.
    Iron Monster – Another Yuchi creature that’s definitely covered in the stuff he’s named after.

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