Garkain is a spirit found living alone in the tropical forests of Arnhem Land near the Liverpool River’s mouth. Human in appearance, he possesses great flaps of skin on his arms and legs, like wings or fins, that allow him to fly.

During the day Garkain sleeps under a pile of leaves. By night he attacks any intruders into his domain by flying up and falling onto them, enveloping them in a flurry of arms and legs, the folds of his skin suffocating them. They are eaten red raw – Garkain never learned how to make fire, use tools, and cook food.


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  1. As an Aussie, I appreciate all of the Aussie entries here, and it is great for preserving the traditions of the people of the old countries, thank you for keeping them alive. I am even proud to say that I was once scared of bunyips, even with no aboriginal blood in me, I would hate to see another culture die at the hands of my own people. God bless.

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  2. Jeez! I went down the Liverpool River one day in 1983 in a tiny motor boat starting from Maningrida at the river’s mouth. The bloke who took me was a Mick Dundee type who tried to scare me by drifting as close as possible to the crocs on the riverbank. There were hundreds of the damn things, including maneaters – a child had been killed by one shortly before. Actually the mozzies were the real horrors. But I’m sure glad I didn’t meet Garkain! He must have been asleep under a pile of leaves.

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