How are there still people finding this blog whatthehell I thought everyone who’d care found it years ago


  1. You are being to hard on yourself. You always are. I have enjoyed these posts for quite some time now and I truly think that they have oftentimes given me some interesting concepts to think about.
    I also think your drawings are an awesome representation of the information you post that many other blogs on mythological createures lack but of course it is your decision.
    I hope you find a way to continue this site it would be sad to see it go

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  2. Are you kidding? This place is amazing! I lurk around here all the time, but the fact that you find a creature, draw it, and then (english major incoming) cite your sources. MMM! Primo Shit right here, really. Thank you ❤


  3. I found this blog recently due my researches about different mythical creatures arround the world. I think it happen to be one of the very few (if not the only one) detailed sources (in english) for a creature that i didn’t hear about before. I think the crature’s name pops up in some random video in youtube and then I googled it. In this blog i find much more interesting creatures described detailed and fully.

    Btw: this is my google sheet about different creatures that grows up thanks to your blog:


  4. Most people who visit your site don’t comment, think of it like being watched without ever knowing your audience.

    Your work is fantastic, and people do adore the way you can introduce them to myths and mythology beyond the standard Greek and Norse.


  5. I have always had a love of mythical creatures and before my only knowledge of them had been through books that talked of the same old legends again and again. I could try and find other critters on different websites like top 10 mythical creatures and such, but none of those really gave anything solid or even had a remotely human feel to it.
    The way you categorize and document these creatures makes me, and I am sure many others, feel as if this creature was and still could be real. Your drawings especially add to “realness” of it all. You are able to add a spice of life to each and every entry that pops up on our screens and I can certainly tell you it brings a little more life into every ones day.
    I appreciate and adore all of the work you do for these posts and I’ll tell you that it has not been in vain. You have brought inspiration to many people across platforms and even if you do not continue to post, your gifts still will light many sparks of imagination in the future.


  6. I bookmarked your site and revisit it occassionally for refs. It’s like the ONLY place on the web that I know of with such obscure creatures! If you ever decide to quit, please leave this site up if you can. Or save the knowledge because your work is a blessing.

    And don’t be hard on yourself OR your art. Your pictures are charming and you clearly put your heart into it. So from one artist to another, have more confidence in yourself. You are your own biggest fan. ❤️


  7. Yo llevo vario tiempo tus publicaciones,de echo me hace gracia que digas lo de tu arte cuando estpy esperando que este post se haga un libro con tan originales y llamativas ilustraciones.No te rindas,yo también soy artista y dudo de mi arte pero por eso dibujo tanto,para mejorar.Es cierto que hay que ser exigente con uno mismo pero también debes estar orgulloso de todo el trabajo y sobretodo investigación que le echas a tus obras.Por favor sigue asi.


  8. You are great for having taught us about so many obscure myths and likely inspired a lot of folklore readers and artists everywhere.

    I hope for you that things will feel alright soon.


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