What if I continued ABC but without illustrations? I just don’t feel confident in my “art” anymore.


  1. No! Why would you stop? To me they are the center of what makes the creature interesting is your rendition. I am also an artist, a painter. Sometimes I’m in the middle of painting something and I’m like, “eh this doesn’t look good to me and what’s the point of finishing it? ” all the time. But I always push through my self doubt and it ends up being LOVED by others to my surprise.


  2. If you’re not confident in your art, that means your taste and sense of style is improving. In the long term, this is good news. Now that you can spot shortcomings, you can improve! most of the people here are non-artists, and all we see is helpful illustrations far better than what any of us could do. If you can just push through this, your art will be all the better for it. Still, if you want to experiment with a few entries with no art, that’s cool, Do whatever’s easiest for you.


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