Just because ABC is on hiatus doesn’t mean it has to be on hiatus! Feel free to pester me with requests for future entries on this site or elsewhere.


  1. Alright, sure. I’m down with literally any Greek creature you haven’t done yet (got to represent my home pantheon!)

    As for other creatures, how about:

    New Jersey Devil
    Atmospheric Beasts
    Questing Beast
    Horned Serpents
    Stiff-legged Bears
    Nandi Bears
    Ninki Nanka
    Sun Wukong
    Mongolian Death Worm
    Loveland Frogs

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  2. Oh my, I am glad you’re asking for something like this because I got a handful like:

    Boto Encantado
    Jersey Devil
    Axehandle Hound
    Ghoul (in general – something like you did with the Bogey.)
    Yule Lads
    and if you’re brave enough and not even I see this happening: Leprechaun

    I thank you for doing this, I’ve actually been waiting to do something like this for awhile.

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  3. In the fairy tale “Green Serpent” a race of diminutive beings called pagodas (the females are called pagodinas) are mentioned, and I can’t find any other references to them. Can you track them down, assuming that there is something to track down and they weren’t created purely for the fairy tale?

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  4. Thanks your website for sharing these strange creatures over the world. I was amazed since I found your website sveeral years ago.and we build a database of chinese mythical creatures which come from ancient books or folklores.If you can read chinese or classical chinese,welcome to our website.or you can get some ideas from those pics.the website name is cbaigui

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  5. I’m gonna be boring and suggest a few of my favorite cryptids and mythical beasties:
    – Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
    – Thetis Lake Monster
    – Kasai Rex (Interested in seeing how you would blend both of the faked photos of it)
    – Emela-ntouka (Because I wanna see you draw what’s basically the Crystal Palace Megalosaurus :P)
    – Tombstone Thunderbird
    – Snallygaster
    – Mushussu (Because it can easily segue into that theory of dragons being a mix of memories of pythons, eagles, and leopards from when we were hominids being hunted by them)
    – Babe the Big Blue Ox
    – ‘Thunder Horse’
    – Stiff-Legged-Bear
    – Blue Ben
    – Beast of Gevaudan
    – Ropen (Would be interesting to see your take on it; some Victorian-era pterosaurs or Mahars could be a neat way to combine the influences)
    – Suwa
    – Stoa
    – Washorive
    – Murray
    – Burrunjor
    And maybe even a few ‘modern’ myths!
    – Hydrarchos
    – Missourium
    – Sea Mammoth

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  6. Hi! I just found your site and have spent my night going through the many strange, amazing, mismatched beasts. Your illustrations bring about the bizarreness of such beasts to life perfectly! Your posts are astounding and I hope you continue one day, and if you publish a book, I’d gladly by a copy!

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  7. How about some feldgeister? Feldgeisters? Feldgeisten? Well, however you spell the plural form, I would appreciate some posts on them. Wikipedia is the only English source I could find, and it describes a few types, but also makes allusions to other types without elaborating.

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  8. Ack! sorry! I accidentally went back the page after posting the first one. then when I returned, it looked like doing that whiped to comment as well. So I played safe reposted the comment and after THAT the original comment appeared. Im sorry im sure this sound cofusing.

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