Would you be okay with no more images? What about no more posts? Because I don’t think I’m contributing much anymore.


      • What points were they? Unlike most people here, I won’t coddle you. I detest it when fans start coddling their favorite artists or youtubers or such, often with clichéd encouragement. But I do like helping others in a rut, and perhaps these points aren’t as entirely valid as you might think. Whatever the case, I say listen to yourself more than your fans.


      • Well, are you willing to share these points? I don’t see anything harmful about what you’re doing. It’s more than a passing amusement; it’s educational. Thanks to you, I went out of my way to read various books about the culture and history of the Inuit people, and translations of ancient Chinese and Persian bestiaries, which led me to researching the entire history of China and Persia, which influenced my writing extremely deeply. Thanks to you, my girlfriend and I are interested in visiting Iceland. It’s all thanks to you, and means a lot to me. Jorge Luis Borges is an accomplished and amazing writer, but your book of imaginary beings is far more eye-opening and amazing than his own. This blog -has- to exist, for the sake of serious research, for the sake of fantastic inspiration, and for the sake of sheer wonderment. I’m even considering writing fantastic stories that take place around the world, and dropping little hints about the local fauna, like mentioning snake-headed guineafowl that lurk in the shadows in a sorcerer’s garden. This blog is phantasmic.


  1. I think you’re contributing. I like the posts. I like the pictures, but I’d keep reading even without them. Do what you need to to take care of yourself, if that means cutting back or taking a break or changing the format. But know that you matter and what you do matters.


  2. Your post really make my weeks better. I like to write fantasy and is much more interesting to talk about other creatures besides your tipical unicorn or dragon. In resume: you entice my creativite.
    Of course, your mental/emotional health is way mire important then my curiosity. If you need some time, treat yourself cause you deserve it.
    Or, if the problem is that you feel unstimulated with the new creatures, i can share a whole lot of brazilian legends and folktales that i think you would enjoy.


  3. I agree with so many of the positive comments people have left. Because of you and your amazing posts I’ve translated medievil Spanish, decrypted obscure Latin and learned about persecuted martyrs. Your artwork is awesome especially with the time constraints. As others have said take a break and a deep breath if you need it but please continue if you can. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Please don’t! At least, not forever. If you need a break, go ahead and take a nice, long haitus. I understand if people are bothering you.

    I take a lot of inspiration from your drawings and your information collecting skills because, most of the time, I can’t even find close to all of the research you find and share on mythological creatures. Your art is beautiful and skillful, I really love it. It intensely adds to each addition in your unique style. I want you to know that I use this website a lot for my world-building in stories and comics I’m working on and use inspiration from your art to visualize what the creatures would look like, both in movement and stillness (of course I change them up a bit, can’t be doing plagiarism! lol).

    So really, take a break if you need to. If you feel the need to stop drawing visuals, then stop. We’ll understand. Thank you for all your hard work you’ve shared with us.

    Love from a fantasy-writing Michigander~


  5. If you feel in your heart that you should take a break/stop doing the blog, then that is what you should do… but I hope that you don’t. I only discovered your site a short while back, but I have been a frequent visitor ever since and I am always impressed with every new post. You’ve given me a lot of inspiration for my role-playing campaign, and I’ve discovered so many new creatures thanks to you! So, thank you so much for all of that!
    I don’t know what’s going on in your life – I’m sure you have cause to feel the way you do right now. I know what it’s like to feel done, to feel defeated. I hope that you will feel better soon, and that you will keep sharing your creations and discoveries with the rest of us!
    Take care, and may only good things come your way regardless of what path you choose in the future!

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  6. The unfortunate reality of posting online is that the majority who appreciate your work do so in silence, while the few who have an issue are never quiet. I appreciate all your hard work, and love both the interesting creatures you bring forth and your artwork. It’s been a great source of inspiration for me, and I hope there will be more going forward

    If you need to take a break or slow down for your own reasons I totally understand, but please don’t quit because of someone else’s opinion- if you still enjoy doing it, we definitely enjoy viewing it!


  7. Personally, I really enjoy these post and I’m happy that I found this site. I also like the new/recently uploaded posts. (I guess it’s also a good source of inspiration for people, who have some kind of creative projects – I don’t, so its just a guess).

    While I don’t have the right to tell you whether you should continue uploading content (or not, if you don’t like to do it), I hope that you will continue to post stuff here. (I may have contradicted myself there)

    (I also – really, really – like the artwork. If it’s relevant.)


  8. Everyone needs a break every once in a while! They can be productive too. To be honest I’m on one too and it’s really helping me out with my life. But know that me, for one, don’t just enjoy but actively look forward to new posts, whenever they may come. You are contributing plenty. I’ve been kinda delaying mentioning this for a while now, out of fear of not being able to keep up with your rythm. After all, sometimes I get the feeling that I can only draw when some uncontrollable part of me chooses to let me. But if you feel that doing the drawings is a chore … I’d be more than willing to step in and help out! I mean I’ll often draw along whenever a new post comes out anyway. I’d just need to get a little less … sketchy. Anyway, if ever you’re interested (and you don’t have to be, your drawings are great, so if it’s a part you enjoy then keep on at it, haha!), you can email me at decapodic@rocketmail.com. With drawing or even helping out with the website (though I imagine there’s not much to do on that front). Purely voluntarily of course! Goes without saying! Anyway, for now do whatever feels right! Courage, as they say here! I mean I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you that for me that this project of yours is worth more than you think!


  9. I enjoy your work very much; I hope that you are able to continue it. But I won’t hold it against you if you can’t continue. Do what’s best for you; take care of yourself, above all. If you need to take a break and come back later, that’s cool too.


  10. I’m sorry about that. I know that feeling, and it sucks.
    If you’ve seen the comments section, we love the artwork, and we love the posts. And we’ll try to support you anytime we can.
    If you need a break, that’s fine. But please come back.


  11. I have been reading your posts for a year or so now, and this website has always been my way to learn in my free time. I absolutely love all of this content and have read nearly all of the posts. If you are feeling discouraged or feel like your work isn´t enough, (it is to me and many others) you should take a break and if you feel up to it, please come back to these activities.
    Also, about the pictures: I love them, visuals are always lovely, but if that is part of what´s aiding your decision to leave, do not feel pressured to put them in!
    If you have really decided that you want to discontinue posting, that is up to you, I´m not saying it is not an option. However, your posts are great and without them, life would be a little less grand.


  12. I think you did an outstanding job! I don’t come close to knowing what you know or as good at art. I wish I could come up with something to tell you but maybe there isn’t suppose to be. I have learned from you and if the website remained I may be able to do some more reading in the future. I cared about this sort of thing very much so. I was very interested in what, if any, there was to the existence of all of the strange creatures from around the world and through out history. Once I had a goal, that has been dropped for years now, to know and share the truth about such a thing. The particular goal was not that simple of a thing, though. I can only think of an ODE to you(who ever you are that is)1 Thank You Very Much!


  13. Would you care to explain what you mean? I’m not too sure I understand how what you do isn’t “contributing”. Firstly, you are a skilled illustrator and you use this skill to produce content that people want. That is literally contributing. Not to mention the research you put into the academic portions of the content you create. As the saying goes, “There is no shame in labour; only in idleness.” So what more is required? Obviously things can always be improved upon but that’s just a general statement that can be made of literally anyone or anything. Only the Gods Themselves can claim being the most excellent. You mention that someone made “valid points” against you. Care to explain? I’m curious what their criticism of you could possibly be. You’re no better or worse than any other person I know that runs an informational art blog about monsters (which again there is a strong demand for).


  14. Seeing new monsters and myths from this website is honestly a highlight of my week. I’m so glad to see and hear about all these different things I never would have gotten a chance to.

    But, this feels you want a break from your work. Or that you’ve lost faith in your work.

    Take some time off, just for a bit. It will do you a world of good.


  15. I want to let you know that I really appreciate what you do. I have kept tabs on your work for a couple of years, and always love to see a new creature, or more information about ones I thought that I knew.

    I am myself pretty checked out of social media, and respect anyone with very targeted interests (like myself) who wants to share their passion. I regret that I’m not much of a commenter, since I feel that this is exactly the kind of endeavor that benefits from a core of dedicated (and interactive) fans, to give feedback that your work is reaching people.

    I often look to your site for a creative boost whenever I want to add a unique creature to a tabletop rpg campaign, and have been shocked that several ideas I (seemingly independently) had turn out to have a historical parallel. I would have never known, and would have thought myself totally original. Coming to know greater context only helps me to understand the resonance of ideas, and for this I humbly thank you for your work and passion.

    In the past, I have often fallen into the trap of the “imposter syndrome”. I was always comparing my work to the work of others on the internet, and thought “Why even try, that stuff is so good!”

    When I really asked myself the frank question; “Well, what would happen if you stopped”, and the thought just chilled me, helped me to realize more clearly why I make what I do. I make it for me, as an expression of my self.

    Comparing my work to that of other, more recognized, rewarded (and monetized) work still irks me, and whoa boy, if others appreciate what I do, damn, does it ever feel good! But at the core of the drive to create, it’s what I want to do.

    That all said, I understand burning out of a creative endeavor, because I have – several times. I encourage you to do what is best for you, a break or a change would be totally understandable. We are, each of us, often our own worst critics, I think above all else, be gentle with yourself.

    Much appreciation for what you have made, and sincere wishes of well being for your future!


  16. Your blog has been a great inspiration for my RPG campaign! I love cryptids and monsters of all sorts, and you’ve introduced me to so many new creatures I’ve never heard of. That being said, you don’t owe anyone anything. Don’t tell yourself “I should post something.” Do it because you want to or need to.


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