The helping spirit Nartôq is “the pregnant one” or “the big-bellied one”. Iglulik Inuit shaman Anarqâq first encountered this spirit while out hunting caribou. Nartôq is a horrifying sight – its nose is on its forehead, and its lower jaw runs down into its breast.

When they first met, Nartôq charged Anarqâq threateningly, disappearing just before it reached him. Later on Nartôq reappeared and introduced itself to Anarqâq. “I was hot-headed earlier because you yourself are too quick to anger”, it told the shaman. “You need never fear me as long as you abandon your short temper”. Since then Nartôq become one of the shaman’s best helping spirits.


Rasmussen, K. (1929) Intellectual Culture of the Iglulik Eskimos. Glydendalske Boghandel, Nordisk Forlag, Copenhagen.


  1. Hey, so I’ve been doing this weird art project lately that involves mythical creatures (primarily fairies and the like). But I’ve been struggling when finding information, since many of the ones I intend to present are rather obscure. The quickest source I have is the Dubois books but I can’t tell when it’s part of the real myth from stuff he added. So I just need to know about these three creatures specifically.
    1. Do you have any sources on a Creature called Jouroupari?
    2. Is the It a real Creature or one of Dubois’s ideas? (he gave a paragraph to Freddy Krueger in one occasion so…)
    3. There’s an aboriginal creature called Mamu but I haven’t found much on that one either. Any sources about that one too?


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