The Onniont is a huge serpent of Huron folklore that looks like an armored fish. When it travels, it breaks through everything in its path. Rocks, trees, and bears are all grist to its mill. An onniont is unstoppable. Any small part of it would make a potent talisman.

Nobody ever saw an onniont. According to Jesuit missionaries, however, neighboring Algonquin merchants claimed to sell pieces of onniont, and publicized the legend themselves.


Vimont, B. (1858) Relations des Jésuites, v. II. Augustin Coté, Quebec.


  1. This is actually not what the Onniont was. Its from the Aaskouandy, which is a magical charm that can only be discovered in an unusual place, like a stone found in the entrail of an animal that was hunted. If its shaped like a fish or a serpent, its more powerful but its also sentient & must be favored with gifts & respect or it will leave. When found as a fish or serpent shape, its then known as an Onniont, which make this sound like a confusion about what they meant when they said they were selling them. It didn’t come from a giant snake.

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