No entry today because I’m useless


  1. Personne n’est inutile, surtout pas vous, vous avez fait dĂ©couvrir tant de choses Ă  tant de personnes, vous nous avez fait rĂȘver avec des crĂ©atures incroyables, vous m’avez inspirĂ© avec vos illustrations magnifiques et la personne qui m’a fait dĂ©couvrir votre site est un Ă©crivain que vous avez beaucoup inspirĂ© Ă©galement.
    J’apprĂ©cie Ă©normĂ©ment votre travail et je ne pense pas ĂȘtre la seule Ă  aimer ce que vous faite.
    Si vous passez une mauvaise pĂ©riode, je vous comprend, ça nous arrive tous, garder confiance en vous, mais surtout sachez que vous ĂȘtes loin d’ĂȘtre inutile …
    Courage !

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  2. Don’t despair! If it makes you feel any better, every new post brings a smile to my face, and I’ve been drawing along for nearly two months now. You’re my daily source of inspiration, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. So chin up, and keep on going. 😀

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  3. Now I®m concerned for you when you say you are `useless®. You are not useless, you®re good enough! To us and yourself. 🙂 You have taught us so many new things, and probably inspired so many artists as well.
    I recommend that a few days rest might help.

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  4. Dear ABC,

    You are not “useless”. You’re just having a bad day/ week/ month/ start to the year. I think your blog is great and deserves a huge readership. Plus, your blogging work ethic makes me feel like a total slacker as it takes all my time to get one post out a month!

    Hope things feel better soon,


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