Chemosit is a demonic bogey that prowls the lands of the Nandi in Kenya. Half man, half bird, Chemosit stands on a single leg and has nine buttocks. Its mouth is red and shines brightly at night like a lamp. A spear-like stick serves as a means of propulsion and as a crutch.

People are Chemosit’s food, but it loves the flesh of children above all else. At night it sings a song near places where children live, its mouth glowing in the darkness. Unwary children seeing the light and hearing the song believe it to be a dance. They head out into the night to find the party and are never seen again.


Hollis, A. C. (1909) The Nandi, their Language and Folk-lore. Clarendon Press, Oxford.


  1. I, personally, find the fact that it has “nine buttocks” even more disturbing than anything else. It’s name even sounds a bit like a cheerful marmoset, but nope, it’s a demon with “nine buttocks”. Also, the computer has signed me in as myself for some reason. I’m “Newt”.

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  2. Also, I’m writing my own bestiary with a mixture of mythological creatures and beings i’ve come up with. I need some sort of new, rather horrifying creature from mythology, but I don’t know which to use… Any suggestions, anyone?

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