The ABCs of ABC – K

K is for… Karnabo

The bastard offspring of a sorcerer and a ghoul, the Karnabo lives in Regniowez in the Ardennes. It has an elephant’s trunk (capable of a chilling whistle) and lethal basilisk eyes. Its misdeeds are many, but it does cure paronychia on Good Fridays.


  1. I’m always intrigued when monsters have the physical characteristics of non-native animals – in this case a French creature with the signature anatomical feature of an African/Asian species. I’m curious to know what the oldest literary and historical sources for this thing are. Is it recent enough invention that elephants would of been a relatively common attraction in European menageries and such? Conversely, is it antiquated enough that African animals would still be semi-mythical and scary enough to Europeans to be lumped alongside chimeras, griffons, and the like?

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