Halloween Spooktacular – The Fiend at 7, Rue de M-

The Affair at 7, Rue de M- is a short story written by one John Steinbeck. You may have heard of him. It details the chilling encounter of the author and his son with a “gray tumorous lump”, a soulless monster possessed of “evil calculating wiliness”, a lifeless yet living fiend that possesses its victims and chews them… That’s right, I’m talking about what can only be described as a

Photo 10-28-17, 5 19 18 PM

This sticky monster is capable of moving like an amoeba, forcing itself into the mouth of an unwitting child, and forcing its victim to chew ceaselessly. It needs to be chewed to survive, but it is virtually indestructible otherwise, surviving being burnt up, tossed into the Seine, flung into the countryside and run over by cars… Only by sealing it up in an airtight container can Our Hero cause it to die (if it was ever alive) of starvation over a week’s time.

It will find you. It cannot be bargained or reasoned with. And it will not stop, ever, until you’ve doubled your pleasure, doubled your fun.

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