The Big Wednesday Update – and major changes…

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting new creatures on ABC in a while. I did say I was going on hiatus for the summer, but this one’s been going on for a suspiciously long time.

And you’d be right.

ABC was planned to as a book right from the start – I mean, it’s A Book of Creatures, for Pete’s sake. And while it’s been a wonderful few years writing and illustrating and posting on WordPress, I’ve realized that sooner or later I’m going to have to stop updating.

So the creature entries are going to stop.

“B-b-but why?” you may well ask. That’s a perfectly reasonable question! I will no longer add new creatures online to make ABC more attractive to potential publishers and, more importantly, to you. Yes, you, good readers, are the reason why I write and paint and research. And if I want to make a book, I will not have you pay cash for a physical copy of what you’re getting on this site for free.

Regardless of whether it ends up printed by an established publishing house or if I go the route of crowdfunding, you can rest assured that, in addition to what you see here, you will be getting a lot more entries in the final book. I’m foreseeing more than twice what’s already online. And you can sleep easy knowing that it will all have the ABC Seal Of Approval that guarantees Quality of Research, Writing, and Art.

The other question is – what will become of this site? I do intend to continue updating this. There are plenty of book reviews and modern monster appreciations to be done, and now that I’ve committed myself to getting the book rolling, I will be adding new developments here as they happen.

This is a major new chapter for ABC. The fun’s just starting, so hang on and watch this space!